Yili Remains the World’s Most Valuable Dairy Brand in the 2022 Brand Finance Report

HUHHOT, China, August 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About August 10, Brand Finance, the global leader in brand valuation and strategy consulting, has released its Food & Drink 2022 report, identifying the most valuable and strongest brands in the food and beverage industries. Yili has been recognized as the world’s most valuable dairy brand, maintaining its leading position in the global dairy industry.

A company’s brand is one of the most valuable intangible assets it owns. While the Covid-19 pandemic posed major challenges to the global dairy market, Yili still maintained strong brand value growth, increasing it by 10% to $10.6 billion and consolidates its lead in the standings. This growth was attributed to the company’s strong business performance and social value.

Yili Remains the World’s Most Valuable Dairy Brand in the 2022 Brand Finance Report

Business value increases steadily

Yili’s market capitalization has increased 553 times since its listing in 1996, from 421 million RMB ($62.5 million) at 232.8 billion RMB ($34.56 billion) in 2022. It has remained one of the world’s top five dairy producers for three consecutive years, with annual sales exceeding 100 billion RMB ($14.85 billion) Last year. Over the years, Yili has maintained consistent business growth, generating strong and attractive returns for investors. The company issued 22 times dividends totaling 36.59 billion RMB ($5.43 billion) since listing, making it a prime target for A-share value investors.

Yili aims to strengthen industrial development by focusing on modern industrial clusters. The company has established several contemporary dairy industry clusters in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu, Heilongjiang, Henan, shandongand Hebei, among other areas. The Yili Future Intelligence and Health Valley, known as “Dairy Silicon Valley”, is home to the world’s largest intelligent production bases for liquid milk and infant formula, with the highest level of digitalization in the industry and the most advanced technologies. The National Center of Technology Innovation for Dairy (NCTID) and the National Dairy Metrology and Testing Center have also settled in the valley.

Social value drives sustainability

Business value and social value are inextricably linked. Yili has integrated sustainability into corporate strategies and actively taken initiatives to create social value. The company is at the forefront of energy conservation, emissions reduction and other innovative carbon reduction practices. Additionally, Yili works with its partners to create a more sustainable future by leading initiatives in areas such as environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, youth health, poverty alleviation and disaster relief. disaster.

In 2022, Yili pledged to achieve carbon neutrality across the entire industrial chain by 2050. It also launched China first series of net zero carbon dairy products, including milk, yogurt, organic milk powder and ice cream. Yili follows a green, low-carbon, and circular development path by building smart green farms, promoting integrated agriculture, and leading other initiatives. In terms of eco-friendly manufacturing, Yili’s Satine brand uses FSC-certified packaging on all of its products. The brand is committed to promoting green consumption and healthy lifestyles.

“Yili’s understanding of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic through promoting their brand’s health benefits and responsive supply chain enables them to reach over 2 billion consumers globally. world, resulting in a 23% increase in brand value since the start of the pandemic in 2020,” the Brand Finance report notes. Its consumer-focused technology and product innovations also contribute to the brand’s success and fuel the company’s growth. As the world’s most valuable dairy brand, Yili strives to achieve robust enterprise growth and foster high-quality industrial development by creating business and social value.

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