Watch Pfizer’s COVID vaccine arrive in Worcester at UMass Memorial Health Care


Pfizer coronavirus the vaccine arrived in Worcester earlier than expected Tuesday morning at UMass Memorial Health Care.

At around 5 a.m., a spokesperson for UMass Memorial shared a photo showing the scheduled vaccine delivery was at 10:30 a.m. At 9 a.m., a FedEx employee rolled a box of the vaccine into the halls of the hospital.

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The vaccine is expected to be distributed at the hospital on Thursday to all staff who work in areas of the hospital system at high risk for the virus, including the DCU Center field hospital as well as the coronavirus unit at UMass Memorial Medical Center. , emergency service and critical areas. care unit.

The first shipments of the vaccine left the Pfizer plant in Kalamazoo, Mich. On Sunday morning, using the services of UPS and Fedex.

In order to remain effective, the vaccine must be stored at -94 degrees Fahrenheit. Pfizer has developed a “cold chain” distribution process to ensure the efficacy of the vaccine.

Vials of the vaccine are stored in a suitcase-sized container filled with dry ice to ensure ultra-low temperatures.

When the box was opened at UMass Memorial, the vapor of the dry ice can be seen.

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine arrived in Worcester at UMass Memorial Health Care on Tuesday earlier than expected.

On arrival, the container can also be used as a storage container to keep vaccines. Each sender also has a GPS-enabled thermal sensor to track location and temperature.

The containers were placed in a freezer at UMass Memorial.

On Monday, the United States slipped away 300,000 deaths linked to the coronavirus.

Massachusetts public health officials reported another 3,572 people tested positive in the state. The total statewide active cases now stands at 72,883.

The state’s death toll now stands at 11,135. If probable cases are included, this figure rises to 11,388.

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