SUIC, Midas Opens Liaison Office in Malaysia to Launch Four Products, Services and Starry Project (TM) to Advance Group APAC Footprint in 8 Southeast Asian Countries


NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 28, 2021 / Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (OTC PINK: SUIC) and Midas Touch announce the opening of the group’s liaison offices in Malaysia in time for the launch of the four products and services, as well as the start of Starry Project â„¢ marketing and promotional programs and activities. This new office will be the control center and launching pad for high growth markets in eight Southeast Asian countries as part of their global expansion plan.

This will position SUIC and Midas Touch as leading providers of world-class traditional and DeFi SCF solutions. All partners, merchants and distributors involved in the Starry project can enjoy the benefits of its UP Pay unified procurement services, which access direct factory prices at significant discounts ranging from double to quintuple, resulting in substantial savings.

The Malaysia-based office will contact and initiate negotiations with local PSPs and major VIP e-commerce platforms, network marketing organizations and franchise chain stores in these Southeast Asian countries and, therefore, will position the 4 products of the group among the main VIP leaders. This collaboration is expected to bring real added value to partners, merchants and customers of SUIC, Midas in Asia and other parts of the world and will enable SUIC, Midas to more effectively execute their multi-channel campaigns by adopting the efficient systems of their partners. In the region.

This office will be responsible for the sales and marketing programs to be deployed in the various markets of Southeast Asia, in particular Indonesia (237 million inhabitants), the Philippines (110 million inhabitants), Vietnam ( 97 million inhabitants), Thailand (70 million inhabitants), Myanmar (54 million inhabitants), Malaysia (32 million inhabitants), Cambodia (16 million inhabitants) and Singapore ( 5.8 million inhabitants). The median age of the population of the Southeast Asia region is 30 years old, and half of its population lives in urban areas with strong internet connectivity.

The group is expected to grow to over 1,000,000 merchant partners in the Southeast Asia region and sign more than 10 PSP partners, more than 100 distributors and 1,500 resellers. This is expected to bring in a total of over $ 150 million in royalties.

SUIC and Midas Touch will launch Project Starry in the United States and open the New York office in November, replicating the project’s business model in the United States and around the world in 40 countries in 2022/2023.

About Midas Touch, United Kingdom
Midas Touch was established in UK in 2010, is a duly registered company with a commercial license to operate. Midas Touch offers guarantees against fraud in the area of ​​digital currency, for example the counterfeit transfer of digital money into wallets. Focus on digital asset management and provide businesses with decentralized finance (DeFi) and other innovative full supply chain financial services. Solve the problems of capital turnover on supply and demand sites. He launched MT Flash Pay â„¢ Same Day Sweep Funding, and MT CQ Pay â„¢ Emergency loan with double income, MT Free Pay â„¢ Services – Delay ownership to offset transaction cost and MT â„¢ Unified Purchasing Combined purchasing power economies of scale and several other financial solutions. To learn more about Midas Touch, visit their website at

To learn more about Midas Touch products and services, please view our information by clicking:

About Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd., United States
The Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. provides research and development, venture capital financing and investment services in private companies and the public sector that develop products and services by adopting basic capabilities of Internet of Things, computing cloud, mobile payment, big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence, to improve and streamline existing processes, and establish exciting new business models that will create revolutionary products and services. SUIC shareholders will be exposed to various applications of advanced services in various sectors of the economy. In addition, existing and potential customers can benefit from this company’s diverse portfolio of technologies. As one of the pioneering publicly traded technology companies, SUIC will help build the technology companies of the future. To learn more, please visit Please also read the full company’s report on SUIC by Globe Small Cap Research,

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