South Korea pays Iran’s $18 million in unpaid UN dues with frozen funds | Political news

Tehran expected to regain its vote in the UN General Assembly after Seoul paid $18 million in dues using $7 billion in Iranian funds frozen due to US sanctions.

Iran is expected to regain its right to vote in the UN General Assembly after South Korea paid Tehran’s unpaid dues to the global body with Iranian funds frozen in the country, Seoul said.

Sunday’s announcement echoes a similar situation where Iran regained its right to vote at the UN in June 2021 after successfully paying its arrears.

Earlier this month, however, he announced that US sanctions had hampered his ability to pay for the second straight year.

Any release of Iran’s frozen funds requires the approval of the United States, which joined its European allies this week in saying there are only weeks left to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

In 2018, then-President Donald Trump pulled Washington out of the deal, reimposing a series of US sanctions. Iran subsequently rescinded its compliance with many of the agreement’s nuclear restrictions.

Seoul “on Friday completed payment of Iran’s UN dues of approximately $18 million through frozen Iranian funds in South Korea, in active cooperation with related agencies such as the foreign assets of the U.S. Treasury and the United Nations Secretariat,” the Treasury Department said. in a report.

“Iran’s voting rights in the General Assembly should be restored immediately with payment,” the ministry added.

The UN office in Seoul could not be reached for comment outside office hours.

Iran urgently asked South Korea last week to help pay the UN contribution with frozen funds, fearing it would lose its right to vote in the 193-member General Assembly, it said. the South Korean ministry.

Tehran has repeatedly demanded the release of around $7 billion of its funds frozen in South Korean banks under US sanctions, saying Seoul was holding the money “hostage”.

A South Korean finance ministry official declined to say how much frozen Iranian funds remained after this UN dues payment and another release last year, citing secrecy laws.

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