SK Inc. C&C, Co. Ltd. and BriteLab, Inc. Sign Partnership Agreement to Collaborate on Joint Development of Global High-Tech Manufacturing Company in United States

Seoul, South Korea and SAN JOSE, California, June 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – SK Inc. C&C, a subsidiary of the SK Group in South Korea, and BriteLab in Silicon Valley today announced the signing of a partnership agreement to collaborate in the joint development of the global manufacturing business in the U.S. market.

Some of the highlights of the joint effort will include:

  • Collaboration between BriteLab’s Automated Material Handling System (AMHS) and SK Inc. C&C smart manufacturing platform and solutions

  • Development of new digital activities, such as AI-based component quality inspection with high demand from current BriteLab customers

  • Cooperation to apply the specialized vertical manufacturing solutions of SK Inc. C&C, such as “iFactory Smart Vision”.

  • Co-development of a high tech manufacturing company for CM / CE customers based in USA

Seong-ha Park, CEO of SK Inc. C&C today announced that SK Inc. C&C has signed a partnership agreement with BriteLab, which specializes in automated material handling systems in the United States for the joint development of high tech global manufacturing.

BriteLab, Inc., located at San jose, california, is the leading AMHS semiconductor company in United States.

Current customers for its AMHS installation bases include Texas Instruments (TI), NXP Semiconductors, On-Semi, Global Foundry, ST Micro, TSMC, SSMC, and UMC. BriteLab currently has 24 global 200mm and 300mm foundry customers.

The agreement between SK Inc. C&C and BriteLab aims to promote the expansion of the high-tech manufacturing business based on Britelab’s AMHS platform. By combining the multiple manufacturing software solutions of SK Inc. C&C, the joint partnership is expected to deliver the best smart manufacturing platforms and solutions that will be successfully implemented in the manufacturing industry.

BriteLab’s AMHS offers an overhead hoist (OHT) system using high-tech factory robotic systems using sophisticated robots from the ceiling and floor of production lines. Robots are autonomous vehicles managed and controlled by software to support fast and precise automation of the production of high-tech materials in factories.

Under the agreement, the two companies established a Joint Working Group (JWG) using BriteLab’s AMHS commercialization to manufacture high-tech solutions that meet customer demands.

SK Inc. C&C’s “iFactory Smart”, which has a proven track record in the South Korean precision manufacturing industry, will now be offered to US customers through Britelab. “We are delighted to be working with SK Inc. C&C, in particular its AI-based quality management solution using ‘vision’ systems,” said Steven kwak, CEO of BriteLab.

SmartVision is an artificial intelligence package solution developed by SK Inc. C&C and has the ability to read the smallest unit pixel of the screen and quickly train the AI ​​modules to read the information in real time. It is widely used in the field of ESG (Environment Social Governance), such as quality control (QA) work which eliminates the defects of parts and finished products throughout the production process as well as the application in the production. water quality management. By collecting images created using cameras or CCTV and analyzing the data, SmartVision can quickly perform highly accurate inspection tasks that previously required operators to use separate and expensive quality equipment, which can result in poor inspection, product identification and dimensional measurements.

The two companies are also exploring high-tech manufacturing activities for BriteLab’s current customer installation base outside of the semiconductor business as BriteLab provides contract manufacturing (CM) and contract engineering services. (EC) in the United States. BriteLab provides production robotics and automation platforms in autonomous vehicles and robots, factory automation robots, data center surveillance robots, intelligent machines and autonomous drones. With the CM and CE activities of BriteLab and in collaboration with C&C Solutions of SK Inc., the companies plan to offer a high-tech digital manufacturing service based on a digital platform in connection with its customers with the signing of the partnership agreement. “By combining BritetLab’s AMHS-based manufacturing logistics capabilities and SK Inc. C&C’s manufacturing automation capabilities, we look forward to building a high-tech manufacturing company that will lead customers’ digital innovation. Accordingly, we will actively engage in marketing to our customers. customers worldwide as well as here in the United States, ”said Steven kwak, CEO of BriteLab.

“With our partnership with BriteLab, we look forward to growing our global business together for the vertical manufacturing solutions industry and showcasing user-friendly digital services to meet the needs of BriteLab’s manufacturing customers in the United States,” said Young. -dae Kim, Director of New Digital Business Development at SK Inc. C&C

About SK Inc. C&C, Co. Ltd.
SK Inc. C&C is the de facto holding company of the SK Group, the third largest conglomerate group in South Korea. The company provides IT services, platforms and systems integration, system maintenance and repair solutions to all industry sectors including finance, communications / media, energy / chemicals, logistics / services and the public sector.

About BriteLab, Inc.
BriteLab, based at San jose, was established in 2007 as a contract manufacturing ODM engineering services company providing manufacturing automation services for automotive, bioscience, robotics and electric mobility. Today, in addition to its CE & CM business, BriteLab offers its own OEM AMHS solutions to all major semiconductor factories around the world. BriteLab is a subsidiary of PHC (, a multinational Tier 1 auto parts manufacturer based in Daegu, South Korea.

C&C Contacts of SK Inc.
Min Kyung-dong
PR team leader

BriteLab contacts
Media and Marketing
Peter D. Kim
General manager
[email protected]


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