Phuket officials contact companies hammered by COVID, deny loans


PHUKET: Phuket officials are calling on all businesses on the island suffering heavily from the COVID economic crisis – and previously denied support loans – to register their details so the provincial government can develop plans to restart the country’s economy ‘island with a budget of 250 billion B2 for the “Catering Loans”.

Phuket officials are asking business operators to provide details of their predicament so that the information can be passed on to “ policy makers. ” Image: Screenshot

The call for business operators to provide details of their predicament was put online by the Phuket office of the Public Relations Department (PR Phuket) today (May 29), further one month before the island’s scheduled reopening on July 1. fully vaccinated international tourists.

“Due to the Phuket Provincial Government’s plan to open the province on July 1, 2021 as part of the Phuket Sandbox model, which involves government and the private sector, we realize the importance of preparing all sectors for the opening of Phuket, ”the announcement said.

“It is known that many entrepreneurs need funds to support preparation for opening and continuing the business, and the government has released restoration loans through the Bank of Thailand to help small entrepreneurs affected by the COVID-19.

“From joint public and private meetings, we were made aware of the problem of access to said measures by entrepreneurs in Phuket,” the announcement added.

“Phuket Province [the provincial government], therefore worked with the private sector to collect data on the need for such rehabilitation loans. Including obstacles to access to credit in order to present to policy makers to urgently resolve access to recovery loans.

“We therefore ask for the cooperation of all entrepreneurs to provide detailed information so that the team can collect information and present it to the right people,” the announcement concludes.

Businesses that need it can provide their information through a Google form now available online.

The form, in Thai but easily understandable via Google Translate, asks business operators to confirm the type of business they operate, such as tourism, transportation, etc., and the ownership of the form, such as a business, a partnership or a sole proprietorship.

Commercial operators are also asked if they have ever applied for financial assistance and why they were refused.

Among the accepted reasons for being denied loans to survive the COVID crisis are the lack of bank statements showing income for the years 2020-2021; the debt burden is too high, making it impossible to apply for additional loans; no security; no license to operate under the conditions of the bank; and shutdown of operations due to the impact of COVID-19 and / or government-ordered shutdown due to COVID-19.

Another accepted reason is that the bank refused without giving reasons.

The survey also asks how much financing the business needs and what the funds should be spent on, for example to repair buildings, places, vehicles, for employment or even to pay taxes, duties, etc. fees or permits.

To display the online form, click here.


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