People-Centered Korean Digital New Deal

The “My Data” initiative, which is part of the Korean Digital New Deal, empowers people to exercise control over personal data and actively manage healthcare, utility, and financial data.

Seoul, South Korea, June 24, 2021 / PRNewswire / – the Born2Global Center, part of Korean Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT), publishes the following article which highlights the “My Data” initiative, which is part of the Korean Digital New Deal.

Using a platform that combines and analyzes health-related data provided by hospitals, patients plan an appropriate diet and exercise program. People who have moved at a new area do not have to go to a government office to register their new address. Instead, a one-stop-shop data platform streamlines the process, allowing people to sign up with just a few clicks on their device. A platform analyzing the income and financial data of individuals will provide them with the best financial products adapted to their financial needs and projects.

These data platforms are the ones that the Korean government plans to build as part of a new initiative called “My Data”, with the aim of offering individually personalized services to people in areas such as health and health. finance.

Establishing data portability

MSIT would begin building data platforms in five areas during this year: healthcare, utilities, finance, living expenses, and transportation.

Since 2019, MSIT has continued the My Data initiative by identifying and supporting services that can benefit people. Starting with the five areas – healthcare, utilities, finance, living expenses, and transportation – the MSIT plans to herald “the age of my data” in the second half of the year.

In the five selected areas, the “My Data” initiative will lead eight tasks designed to improve people’s quality of life through individual data collected and analyzed by high-end technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

The main objective of the initiative is to give citizens access to personal data available for use in the five areas so that they can not only actively engage in the management and control of their own personal data, but also apply the data to their personal needs, such as managing health issues, credit rating and personal property.

The My Data initiative is part of the Korean Digital New Deal, one of the key elements of the Korean New Deal, a set of economic, environmental and social reforms that the government rolled out in 2020 to accelerate recovery from the COVID pandemic. 19. .

“Many startups will also take advantage of data platforms to improve their data-driven services, so this initiative can lead to job creation and job stability, which are two of the main goals. pursued by the Korean New Deal. said the Born2Global Center, which supports Korean tech startups in expanding their business overseas.

As the plan progresses, people will manage their illnesses, such as cancer, through an integrated platform of medical records provided by 10 participating medical facilities. Siled personal data from different government agencies will be combined into a single platform, which in turn streamlines data processing online.

Additionally, an integrated financial data platform will help employees not only manage their income data and credit score, but also stay up to date on the right financial packages for their income level. The platform will also encourage “smart consumption” by helping people track their daily spending through mobile and card payment data analytics.

the MSIT asserted that “We hope the My Data initiative will open the door to help people exercise control over personal data, facilitate free transfer of data and create data-driven services across industries. The expected results will certainly improve the quality of people’s lives. ”

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