Need to laugh? Watch this main Muskegon area rap “Some Good News” to students


We could all benefit from one little piece of good news in these difficult times – and Dan Beckeman is here to help.

High School Principal Reeths-Puffer shared a video of himself rapping about positive news last week, which he hopes will make Muskegon-area high school students and staff laugh during the coronavirus crisis.

Beckeman said that the video was inspired by actor John Krasinski’s weekly YouTube show “Some Good News”, which aimed to spread smiles during the coronavirus crisis by sharing stories about people doing good around the world.

“One of our staff thought it would be a good idea to create ‘SGN’ videos for our students to bring some joy into their lives,” Beckeman told MLive. “We had a few staff to kick it off and I thought I would do something to show my support for our students and staff.”

The humorous video, which has over 8,000 views on YouTube, features Beckeman rapping about good news, like the onset of warm weather and the persistence of students and staff at Reeths-Puffer during the crisis.

“I guess most of my students and staff were shocked that I was considering making a rap video,” he said. “It’s not often that I even wear a hat – upside down for that matter – and for students to see me wearing an upside down hat rapping about school events, I guess it there would be a laugh or two as a result of sending the video. “

While Beckeman has said he has no plans for another video in the future, he hopes his video will inspire educators across the state to post creative videos in a bid to boost student morale.

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