MEIL to transport 11 cryogenic tanks from Thailand to mitigate O2 crisis


Amid an acute shortage of medical oxygen in the country in the fight against Covid-19, Megha Engineering & Infrastructures Limited (MEIL) has made arrangements to import 11 cryogenic tanks from Thailand.

These reservoirs, provided free of charge by MEIL, will increase the supply of liquid medical oxygen to hospitals in Telangana. The first batch of 3 tanks landed at Begumpet Air Force Station here on Saturday and the remaining 8 tanks will arrive here in a few days.

Each cryogenic tank with a capacity of 20,000 liters would provide 1.40 liters of crore of medical oxygen and about 15.40 liters of crore of all 11 tankers.

Consultative Committee

In addition to leading MEIL, Telangana’s finance minister, T. Harish Rao, a team of senior officials from the advisory committee formed under the leadership of Telangana’s chief secretary, Somesh Kumar, oversaw the entire operation.

The Union Ministry of Defense and External Affairs has authorized the smooth transport of these tankers from Bangkok. A special Defense flight that took off from Chandigarh picked up the tanks from Bangkok before reaching Hyderabad.

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MEIL does everything it can to bridge the gap between supply and demand for medical oxygen in hospitals. He imported these cryogenic tanks for the state government.

“The transport of liquid oxygen for medical purposes from manufacturing plants to hospitals is riddled with bottlenecks. Now, these 11 cryogenic tanks will help the state meet the needs of hospitals in urgent need of oxygen, ”said P. Rajesh Reddy, vice president of MEIL.

While cryogenic tanks will cut down on time by making it easier to transport medical oxygen in bulk to healthcare units, it takes about three months to make a cryogenic tanker.

MEIL’s leadership has kept all other operations on hold and is focused on increasing the oxygen supply to the two Telugu states. So far, MEIL has supplied 3 crore liters of medical oxygen from its manufacturing unit in Bollarum, which is in operation around the clock and supplies oxygen to hospitals in Telangana, AP and Odisha.

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Empty cylinders with a capacity of 7,000 liters of liquid oxygen are filled and delivered to about 10 hospitals every day. On average, 400 bottles are supplied by its Bollarum factory. From May 9 to 21, MEIL supplied 29,694 metric tons of LMOs, which corresponds to 3 crore liters of oxygen.

Cryogenic liquids like oxygen and nitrogen are stored in tanks with temperature down to (-196 ° C) with option for low and high pressure. Cryogenic air separation results in high purity oxygen of over 99.5%.


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