Institutional Investor Releases 2022 Asia Pacific (Ex Japan) Research Rankings, Including Local Regional Results

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NEW YORK, May 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Institutional Investor’s 2022 Asia-Pacific (ex-Japan) Research Results, released on May 30, 2022.e May (5 p.m. NY), reflected independent feedback from 4,813 portfolio managers and analysts from 1,406 institutions, a more than 27% increase in voter turnout from 2021. The results were aggregated across 36 sectors, including 24 Industry/Macro sectors and 12 Country/Region sectors within the Asia-Pacific region.

Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) search results were dominated by three companies – Morgan Stanley came out on top, with 35 positions published, closely followed by UBS and Citi in second place with 34 positions published, with Citi moving up the table leaders as of 2021 JP Morgan is in fourth place with 31 positions, BofA Securities in fifth place with 26 positions and Credit Suisse in sixth place to complete the top scores.

Local Broker Results

For the second year, Institutional Investor also recognized the top-ranked local companies and analysts in each of the 11 Asia-Pacific countries/regions (excluding frontier markets). The results reflect independent feedback from 1,697 portfolio managers and analysts from 744 institutions, a 28% increase in voters over last year for 13% more companies.

Contact [email protected] for the individual regional breakdown of top local research firms and analysts across the 11 countries/regions.

Five companies topped these firm-level local brokerage results, with Macquarie gaining five published positions from a year ago, earning the most positions with 11 winning positions (1st2n/a or 3rd place), CLSA with seven winning positions, Jefferies with four, Nomura with three and Daiwa Securities Group with two.

Macquarie and Jefferies had the most analysts ranked in the 11 countries/regions with 37 and 25 respectively. CLSA, Daiwa Securities and Nomura followed closely and performed strongly with a high number of analysts ranked (22, 20 and 17).

Best Overall Broker includes the combined results of sales, company access, research, and trading.

Carvin Lee, Asia Sales Manager, says “2021 has been a tough year for brokers in Asia. Inflationary pressures fueled by geopolitical events and the ongoing pandemic have added new challenges for sellers as they continue to deal with changing investor behaviors and regulatory pressure. When times are tough, true quality becomes more important than ever. Thanks to the valuable participation of global investment professionals, our 2022 result recognizes the top performing sell-side research providers who have helped their clients through a difficult year.

The results can be found here:

Buy-side investment professionals were invited to vote over a four-week period; more votes are being submitted centrally by investment management firms to reflect their formal internal research assessment processes. This reduced industry disruption and increased the accuracy of end results.

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