Independent Online Sellers Seek Government Help After PayPal Canceled Transactions

Meanwhile, more than 2,500 people have signed a petition urging PayPal Thailand to come up with a policy tailored specifically to freelancers and occasional sellers by March 7. The campaign page stated that sellers on certain websites, such as www.etsy. com, are badly affected because the websites list PayPal as the only acceptable payment method.

Arunee Numkate, a 37-year-old online baby clothes seller, said she has been using PayPal as a payment method for overseas customers for about eight years now, and has 30,000 to 80,000 baht a month from transactions through PayPal.

“After PayPal announced that freelancer accounts would no longer be able to receive payments after March 7, I attempted to register my business as a legal entity with the Department of Commerce so that I could re-register with PayPal by as a business,” she said. “However, the business registration process is taking too long and will likely not be completed in time for the March 7 deadline, which means I will lose a lot of business due to this disruption.”

Arunee urged the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Thailand to coordinate with PayPal to reconsider the limitation of independent accounts, adding that thousands of independent online sellers are suffering from the same problem.

It is speculated that PayPal is seemingly mired in confusion over Thailand’s decision to overhaul its regulatory framework to accelerate fintech and become a digital economy.

In other words, to operate here, PayPal must comply with Thai laws, in particular its anti-money laundering laws and tax laws.

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