Hyundai Puts Boston Dynamic Spot Robot to Work as Factory Safety Inspector

Boston Dynamics Spot has found a new job, and luckily this time it’s not one. Hyundai has started testing the robot at a Kia manufacturing plant in South Korea, where it will be one of the tools the company will use to keep the facility safe for workers. The pilot represents the first public collaboration between the two companies since Hyundai at Boston Dynamics last June.

You will notice that the Spot shown in the video posted by Hyundai is different from the robot we saw in the previous clips. That’s because the automaker’s robotics lab outfitted it with what is essentially a backpack with plenty of upgrades, including a thermal camera, LiDAR, and more powerful computing resources to handle AI tasks. additional. The “AI Processing Service Unit” enables Spot to detect people, monitor temperatures and verify fire hazards. Additionally, a secure web page allows plant personnel to monitor the robot remotely and take control if they wish to take a closer look at an area of ​​the facility.

According to Hyundai, the pilot will help it assess Spot’s effectiveness as a night-time security patrol robot before deploying it to other industrial sites. Automation, manufacturing and construction applications are what the automaker said was its big plan for Boston Dynamics when it bought the company.

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