Helping Thailand close the 1.5 trillion baht SME financial gap with crowdfunding notes

“The number of SMEs we have helped to raise funds through the issuance of crowdfunding notes has increased 28 times between June 2022 and June 2021. We have raised approximately THB 500 million for SMEs since we received the SEC crowdfunding license, while our monthly issuance increased 10 times per year every quarter. We are currently on track to meet our issuance target for this year,” said Natsuda Bhukkanasut, CEO and co-founder of Investree Thailand.

“We are seeing a better than expected outcome from investor growth, which has confirmed their confidence in our platform as well as the return on investment, which is currently yielding 11.5% per annum.

“As a market share as of 1H2022, Investree’s contribution amounted to 20% of the total crowdfunding ticket volume of THB 1.5 billion and 40% of the total SMEs that use the funding platform. participation to raise funds.

Despite the market share, our strategy, focused on penetrating the SME market, tells us that we still have a long way to go. According to its research published in 2017, the International Finance Corporation estimated the financial gap for Thai SMEs to be 1.5 trillion baht. The current crowdfunding volume is relatively insignificant compared to the estimated gap and tells us that we can do more. Let’s not forget that SMEs accounted for more than 70% of Thailand’s total workforce (as of 2021) and around 35% of Thailand’s GDP (as of May 2022). »

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