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DeFi has been in the spotlight over the past year, with huge hype in the crypto and mainstream financial communities. New and emerging solutions have flourished in the new era of finance, and DeFi now provides users with ingenious solutions for effortless loan acquisition.

Free liquid is a decentralized, community-run protocol that seeks to change the way loans and financing options are issued through stablecoins, allowing users to have more flexibility overall and benefit from improvements to existing platforms and systems.

What is Freeliquid?

Freeliquid is a decentralized lending platform that offers stable dollar funding options to liquidity providers, fully managed by smart contracts.

Users can receive financing at no cost, up to 90% of the guarantee in USDFL (Freeliquid dollar-linked stablecoin) while earning interest on their guarantee funds stuck in a pool of cash.

Users can guarantee pools of liquidity in DAI, USDT, USDC and USDN in order to receive their loan. The the governance token is FL, allowing holders to vote on different proposals for the project.

Pairs of tokens now available on Swop.Fi and Waves

Freeliquid has now integrated with Swop.Fi and Waves, expanding its network by bringing pairs of tokens to platforms.

Swop.Fi is an automated market maker offering the best pricing formulas for each pair of tokens, now adding an FL / USDN pool where users can add cash and earn farming rewards in SWOP (the governance token). The token distribution amount to be provided to the FL / USDN liquidity pools began on April 5 with APYs of up to 160%.

Waves is a centralized exchange where you can make trades and wagering tokens while maintaining control of your assets – it allows for extremely fast trading and low fees. The exchange now also adds the FL / USDFL trading pair.

With these token pair integrations now available on both platforms, users will greatly benefit from faster transaction speeds and far lower costs than the Ethereum network, opening the door to a much larger market.

The road ahead: one milestone at a time

With the progress of the first quarter completed, major developments are underway for the second quarter, including stability fees, a USDFL stabilization mechanism, and integration with Binance Smart Chain.

You can follow Freeliquid on its social media platforms and website below to stay up to date with all the actions on GitHub, Telegram, Twitter, and the website.


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