Dr Plant’s international influence has reached a new level


Tokyo, Japan – (Newsfile Corp. – Sep 25, 2021) – Recently, Dr Plant walked into the flagship store of COSME, the largest cosmetics specialty store in Tokyo, Japan, where “Chinese Alpine Plants” again attracted great attention.

With the continuous development of the Chinese economy, more and more brands are embarking on the path of overseas expansion. In recent years, confidence in domestic products has grown steadily and the pace of internationalization has become increasingly rapid. As the first Chinese cosmetics brand to successfully set up overseas, Dr. Plant has experienced rapid growth in the competitive industry for decades, not only with a competitive advantage in the domestic market, but also in successfully occupying a place in the international market. So far, Dr Plant has been able to gain a foothold in Japan, Hong Kong, and Amazon Singapore. It also has more than 4,200 single-brand stores and more than 12 million members worldwide. The concept of skincare with alpine plants has thus reached an increasingly large clientele. With the recent launch of Dr. Plant at COSME’s flagship store, the largest specialty cosmetics store in Tokyo, Japan, the brand’s international influence has reached a new level.

Dr. Plant launched at COSME flagship store, Tokyo’s largest cosmetic specialty store

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In 2014, Dr. Plant and the Kunming Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly established the “Dr. Plant R&D Center”, using modern genetic technology to open up more possibilities of alpine plants for care. skin. Through continuous research and development efforts into the beauty enhancing properties of alpine plants, Dr. Plant’s alpine plant cosmetics are designed to be particularly suitable for Asian skin which is more sensitive and has a thinner stratum corneum. . Dr. Plant is rooted in the belief that “Asians should use Asian-friendly skin care products”, and while promoting the concept of alpine plant skin care throughout the country, the company has gradually spread to all of Asia and even the world. In the path of internationalization, Dr Plant first chose to expand into the Japanese market which has skin care needs similar to those of Chinese consumers, by adapting to local skin care habits. the skin and the quality of the skin. Through targeted research conducted by Hanfang Skin Care Scientific Research Center in Tokyo, Japan, the company used the benefits of scientific research as well as the essence of traditional Chinese herbal medicine to specifically research skin care products. Chinese skin that Japanese consumers adore, thus providing brand with products in high demand in the Japanese market.

Dr. Plant Hanfang Skin Care Science Research Center, Tokyo, Japan

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Mr. Xie Yong, founder and president of the Dr. Plant brand, once said in an interview, “China’s most demanding consumers are in Shanghai and the world’s most demanding consumers are in Japan. Stepping into the COSME flagship store, the largest specialty cosmetics store in Tokyo, Japan, is not only a demonstration of the brand’s premium quality, but also an important manifestation of Dr. Plant’s efforts to gain a foothold in the consumer market. In 2019, Dr. Plant opened the first overseas single-brand store in Osaka, Japan. The main product lines are dendrobium, purple ganoderma and snow lotus, etc., which condense the essence of alpine plants and the skin care wisdom of Chinese medicine. In its Chinese Medicine Alpine Herbal skin care formulas, the company uses Chinese Alpine Herbal Essences, which have been well documented for effectiveness. The ingredients of the product are soft and safe, light and easy to absorb, and can effectively relieve the skin sensitivity problems of Japanese women. Loved by Japanese consumers, Dr. Plant has managed to gain recognition in traditional overseas markets.

Presentation of Dr. Plant products in the COSME flagship store

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Relying on the emphasis on product quality, Dr. Plant highlighted its competitive advantages in the international battlefield. Currently, their alpine plant skin care products have been exported to Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, sparking a wave of alpine plant skin care. In 2020, Dr Plant managed to surpass the impact of the pandemic and managed to achieve outstanding performance in overseas markets: the performance of two stores in Japan set the record for the number one growth of Shinsaibashi shopping street in 2020. Dr. Plant’s Japanese-made Dendrobium Activating Anti-Aging Mask was able to set an all-time high for word of mouth reviews of skin care products and face masks on the site COSME Japanese Web. Today, Dr. Plant is steadily advancing in the international market, constantly demonstrating the “glamor of national products”, which also indicates the future of the brand!

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