Chinese media fumes over Elon Musk’s latest attempt to fix the world

Elon Musk continued to agitate global media personalities in his latest attempt to offer solutions to geopolitical issues, including the war in Ukraine.

Hu Xijin, commentator for a Chinese state-backed publication The Global Times, took aim at the business tycoon for trying to influence political decisions, ominously warning that the world’s richest man would be taught a ‘lesson’.

In his latest online controversy, Musk claimed peace between Ukraine and Russia could be achieved by redoing “annexed area elections under UN supervision”, with Russia to leave “if that is the will”. People”.

Furthermore, he proposed that Crimea be officially recognized as part of Russia “as it has been since 1783 (until Khrushchev’s mistake)”, and that “Crimea’s water supply » is assured.

Within Musk’s rough framework, Ukraine would remain “neutral.”

Musk has also drawn controversy for his stance against governments blocking Russian news sources through his Starlink internet service. Musk – who this week relaunched his bid to buy Twitter – says he is a free speech absolutist.

His often erratic use of his far-reaching platform has also rubbed officials the wrong way. As one of the most followed and wealthiest individuals on planet Earth, his ability to sway opinion is matched by few.

However, even his vocal support for free speech has been criticized, with world times Spokesperson Xijin warns the world’s richest man that he places too much faith in core Western ideals.

“Free speech is the foundation of a functioning democracy,” Musk wrote in a column in April.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also hit back at Musk’s recent opinion on how to end the conflict with minimal additional violence, accusing him of supporting Russia in a Twitter poll.

Ukrainian diplomat and lawyer Andrij Melnyk went even further, writing: “F**k off is my very diplomatic response to you [Elon Musk].”

Musk spent $80 million through SpaceX this year to provide satellite internet access to Ukraine, which faces ongoing Russian attacks on its communications networks.

Musk was also recently accused of hypocrisy for contributing to a China-backed publication, which some think he goes opposite to his so-called advocacy of “freedom of expression”.

Others believe Musk’s strong business ties with China – the world’s biggest market for electric vehicles – is proof that he only supports free speech when it benefits him.

Musk on Tuesday offered to advance his takeover of Twitter at the originally agreed price, as a lawsuit over his efforts to walk away from the deal loomed.

The world’s richest man said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that he tweeted a letter promising to honor the contract.

He described a rough plan of what the platform would look like under his name, explaining how he wanted it to work as the “everything app” by adding additional services, similar to social media platforms used in Asia.

“I kind of have a bigger picture of what I thought, or X corporation, might have been at the time,” Musk said at the shareholder meeting.

“I think Twitter would help speed that up by three to five years.”

The latest twist in the long-running saga preceded the high-stakes legal battle launched by Twitter in a bid to keep the Tesla chief in the deal he signed in April.

Musk’s potential takeover has sparked concern among online pearl buyers who fear he could open the doors to more abusive and misinforming posts.

However, many still believe Musk is an iconoclastic genius and will help reshape online discourse for years to come with his acquisition of Twitter.

Claiming to be an advocate for free speech, he said he supported lifting the site’s ban on Donald Trump, who was expelled shortly after the former president’s efforts to quash his electoral defeat led to the January 6, 2021 assault on the US Capitol by his supporters.

“Musk has made it clear that he will roll back Twitter’s Community Standards and Safety Guidelines, reinstate Donald Trump and dozens of other accounts suspended for violence and abuse, and open the floodgates for misinformation,” Angelo Carusone said. , chairman of watchdog group Media Matters. for America.

“Indeed, Musk will turn Twitter into a feverish swamp of dangerous conspiracy theories, partisan bickering and operationalized harassment.”

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