CEO Spotlight: Jakapun Viwatkurkul, CEO and Chairman of Mstar Holding

Jakapun Viwatkurkul is the CEO and Chairman of Mstar Holding, a global CONGLOMERATE holding company heavily invested in sectors such as advanced technology development, food, real estate, e-commerce, gold mining, telecommunications , finance, education and healthcare with current expansion in Thailand, United Arab Emirates and India. With the company’s recent global push into 2022, we want to know how Mr. Jakapun manages the company’s structures and systems. Today, we will take an in-depth look at Mr. Jakapun’s mindset and learn how he manages and invests in all areas of the business while keeping his vision projected forward.

Q: Can you describe in a few words how the expansion into the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and India will affect your business growth? What is your project in these countries?

Jakapun Viwatkurkul: We work with the United Arab Emirates on importing products by selling direct to Dubai and using Dubai as a hub to the Middle East. We are also launching several food apps and delivery apps in Dubai over the next quarter with investment from our finance division Mstar Capital Group. This alone will help Mstar Holding fully understand what the UAE needs and how we can help it grow further.

For India, we are bringing various Thai food franchises to India which we believe can open doors for more Thai businesses to expand overseas. We are also starting preparations for manufacturing facilities for Nut products in India, as the market there is very large. We also import (in collaboration with the Thai government) various Thai food products for sale in India. This alone will help push Thai suppliers to be more comfortable entering new markets with our help. This will help increase the sales volume to more than double thanks to the award and financial support of India-Thailand collaboration through Mstar Holding. It will also create jobs and growth for all countries. Creating a win-win situation is essential for us.

Q: With the recent Covid-19 and the many business downturns around the world, how can your business continue to invest while showing growth?

Jakapun Viwatkurkul: While everyone stops and waits, we quickly acquire companies that have growth potential but limited cash flow for a penny on the dollar. We are able to cash out and earn big money in new markets and existing sales channels. We believe people will always have to spend money, so all you have to do is make it affordable and find bigger, newer markets for them to see, no matter what the current situation is. Thanks to our venture capital firm, Mstar Capital Group, we thought covid-19 was the best time for us. We have developed a keen eye to spot great opportunities with great returns, regardless of the current global situation. This is what sets us apart from other companies during this pandemic.

Q: What are the main strategies you implement to facilitate the growth of your business? What can others learn from you?

Jakapun Viwatkurkul: Our strategy is to keep an open mind at all times and quickly open new networks by working with new countries that need products and services. We work with various governments in multiple countries to help open new markets and bring new technologies and services to those countries. We believe in helping others. By showing our vision, teams and projects to key government partners, we can help build trust in our business while helping people believe in their government. This is a collaborative effort and I believe Mstar Holding can create a perfect synergy to accommodate this approach.

Q: What’s the best advice for other CEOs struggling to grow their business?

Jakapun Viwatkurkul: You just have to be unique and adapt to the environment. Never stop growing your connection. Always prioritize your R&D to create new products and services. Never stop and always think that you are still in the starting stage to keep pushing yourself to the finish line. Always be different and think big. Every problem is just a game and you just need to win these games.

Q: What is the roadmap of Mstar Holding’s future plans?

Jakapun Viwatkurkul: Our roadmap is to invest in a country like Myanmar in products that will grow and still have value in the future. We know that Myanmar currently urgently needs new systems and technologies to move forward. This is where Mstar Holding comes in. Our current focus is to have a strong focus on investment in the mining and telecommunications sector in Myanmar. Our roadmap is to create sustainability and growth across all of our sectors and to be the largest company in Thailand with the helpful support of government officials in Thailand, Myanmar, Dubai and India to help us become a key player in promoting economic growth and new innovations throughout.

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