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Favorites emerge ahead of German federal elections

German voters will elect a new parliament next week. The outcome of the September 26 elections will decide who will succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has ruled the country for 16 years. In addition to determining the next chancellor, the main issues of the election are economic policy in the …

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Why Washington Is Worried About Stablecoins

Stablecoins might be the most ironically named innovation of the cryptocurrency era, at least in the eyes of many regulators and policymakers in Washington. These digital currencies promise to maintain their value, which is usually tied to a government currency like the dollar or the euro, by relying on stable …

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don’t be afraid to explore new avenues

I am a data scientist of French origin who cut his teeth as a computer vision research engineer in Japan and later in my country of origin. Yet I write from an unlikely computer vision center: Stuttgart, Germany. But I’m not working on German automotive technology, as you might expect. …

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