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A quirk in the rules for qualifying for new unemployment tax relief may cause some married couples to question whether they need to file separate returns, even though they typically file jointly.

The short answer: Separate filing can make sense in some cases, especially when each spouse can benefit from the maximum tax break. This strategy only applies to couples whose joint income is too high to get the break.

Even so, filing a joint return will likely still be the most cost effective for most families.

Households should use the route that offers the lowest total tax bill.

“For the most part, it makes sense to file jointly from a purely tax perspective,” said Oscar Vives Ortiz, a Tampa-based accountant and financial planner. “The numbers are such that you get a little break.”

“But I always say run the numbers and see,” he added.

$ 10,200 unemployment tax relief

When separate filing makes sense

The child and dependent care credit is worth up to $ 3,000 per eligible person and $ 6,000 for two or more persons. The deduction of interest paid on qualifying student loans can be up to $ 2,500.

Unemployment tax relief would have to yield a greater financial benefit to be meaningful.

This would tend to be more likely for couples in which each spouse received ample unemployment benefits in 2020, tax experts say. They would receive tax relief on or near the maximum amount ($ 10,200 in benefits).

This can apply to a good number of couples. About 40 million people received benefits last year and the average person received $ 14,000.

“If you’re not at the max level, figure out the numbers and see where you are,” Ortiz said.

It may also be a good idea to file a separate return if one or both spouses had significant medical expenses in 2020 and they detail their tax return, he said.

“Sometimes in the case of medical bills, there’s a little game to play,” he said.

Taxpayers can deduct medical expenses incurred during the year, but only those that exceed 7.5% of their adjusted gross income.

Filing a separate return can make it easier to go over this limit and get tax relief for more medical expenses.

For example, a taxpayer with income of $ 75,000 might get a tax deduction for all expenses over $ 5,625. But a married couple with a joint income of $ 150,000 cannot begin receiving tax relief until medical expenses exceed $ 11,250.

IRS allows personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of Covid-19 (such as masks, hand sanitizer, and wipes) to count as an eligible medical cost, agency announcement Friday.

If one of the spouses details their tax return, the other must also do so (instead of benefiting from the standard deduction).

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Freeliquid loan protocol making great strides with the list of Swop.Fi and Waves token pairs »CryptoNinjas Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:23 +0000

DeFi has been in the spotlight over the past year, with huge hype in the crypto and mainstream financial communities. New and emerging solutions have flourished in the new era of finance, and DeFi now provides users with ingenious solutions for effortless loan acquisition.

Free liquid is a decentralized, community-run protocol that seeks to change the way loans and financing options are issued through stablecoins, allowing users to have more flexibility overall and benefit from improvements to existing platforms and systems.

What is Freeliquid?

Freeliquid is a decentralized lending platform that offers stable dollar funding options to liquidity providers, fully managed by smart contracts.

Users can receive financing at no cost, up to 90% of the guarantee in USDFL (Freeliquid dollar-linked stablecoin) while earning interest on their guarantee funds stuck in a pool of cash.

Users can guarantee pools of liquidity in DAI, USDT, USDC and USDN in order to receive their loan. The the governance token is FL, allowing holders to vote on different proposals for the project.

Pairs of tokens now available on Swop.Fi and Waves

Freeliquid has now integrated with Swop.Fi and Waves, expanding its network by bringing pairs of tokens to platforms.

Swop.Fi is an automated market maker offering the best pricing formulas for each pair of tokens, now adding an FL / USDN pool where users can add cash and earn farming rewards in SWOP (the governance token). The token distribution amount to be provided to the FL / USDN liquidity pools began on April 5 with APYs of up to 160%.

Waves is a centralized exchange where you can make trades and wagering tokens while maintaining control of your assets – it allows for extremely fast trading and low fees. The exchange now also adds the FL / USDFL trading pair.

With these token pair integrations now available on both platforms, users will greatly benefit from faster transaction speeds and far lower costs than the Ethereum network, opening the door to a much larger market.

The road ahead: one milestone at a time

With the progress of the first quarter completed, major developments are underway for the second quarter, including stability fees, a USDFL stabilization mechanism, and integration with Binance Smart Chain.

You can follow Freeliquid on its social media platforms and website below to stay up to date with all the actions on GitHub, Telegram, Twitter, and the website.

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Need to laugh? Watch this main Muskegon area rap “Some Good News” to students Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:22 +0000

We could all benefit from one little piece of good news in these difficult times – and Dan Beckeman is here to help.

High School Principal Reeths-Puffer shared a video of himself rapping about positive news last week, which he hopes will make Muskegon-area high school students and staff laugh during the coronavirus crisis.

Beckeman said that the video was inspired by actor John Krasinski’s weekly YouTube show “Some Good News”, which aimed to spread smiles during the coronavirus crisis by sharing stories about people doing good around the world.

“One of our staff thought it would be a good idea to create ‘SGN’ videos for our students to bring some joy into their lives,” Beckeman told MLive. “We had a few staff to kick it off and I thought I would do something to show my support for our students and staff.”

The humorous video, which has over 8,000 views on YouTube, features Beckeman rapping about good news, like the onset of warm weather and the persistence of students and staff at Reeths-Puffer during the crisis.

“I guess most of my students and staff were shocked that I was considering making a rap video,” he said. “It’s not often that I even wear a hat – upside down for that matter – and for students to see me wearing an upside down hat rapping about school events, I guess it there would be a laugh or two as a result of sending the video. “

While Beckeman has said he has no plans for another video in the future, he hopes his video will inspire educators across the state to post creative videos in a bid to boost student morale.

More on MLive:

Social distancing lowering the curve “up to 65%”, estimates Spectrum Health

It has been four weeks since the first confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Michigan. We mapped its spread across the state

West Michigan Coach Aims To Raise Money To Fight Coronavirus And Honor ‘Co-State Champions’

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Bank of Valletta pays € 459,000 to CEO Rick Hunkin Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:20 +0000

Bank of Valletta pays its new CEO Rick Hunkin a total of € 459,000 in salaries and bonuses.

The former Northern Rock executive was named the bank’s CEO in 2019, after being sought out by the bank as the first foreign CEO in its history instead of choosing grassroots executives.

The BOV remuneration report reveals that Hunkin is paid € 350,000, in addition to variable compensation in cash and shares of approximately € 41,000, € 47,000 in benefits and € 20,500 in attendance fees.

A basic annual fee of € 20,500 is paid to each director, including executive directors, and € 80,000 is paid to the Chairman of the board of directors.

BOV employees, Miguel Borg and James Grech, Labor candidate for Europe, sit on the board of directors as non-executive directors and receive their attendance fees in addition to their salaries, respectively 149,000 € and 65,000 € each. Their total salaries are € 215,000 for Borg and € 92,000 for Grech after variable compensation and other costs.

The performance evaluation of the CEO was carried out by each non-executive director individually according to three criteria, during the first six months of his mandate. The performance and variable compensation of the CEO was then reviewed by the BOV’s compensation committee and recommended to the board for approval. Hunkin’s variable compensation amounts to 12% of his fixed salary, excluding social benefits. 50% of the variable compensation is paid in the form of BOV shares.

Hunkin’s first full year as CEO of BOV coincided with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw BOV’s pre-tax profit falls to € 15.2 million, and no dividend announced.

Banking regulators are not recommending the distribution of dividends, in order to ensure that BOV can meet the strong demand for capital and support the Maltese economy until the end of the pandemic. The bank has said it wants to maximize shareholder value over the medium term and restore dividend payments to adequate, stable and predictable levels. “The resumption of a stable dividend policy therefore requires clarity on the results of the COVID-19 event and the major litigation, coupled with the successful implementation of the transformation strategy to generate sustainable profitability at the future, ”the bank said.

The most negative impact on the bank’s net income was a € 39.8 million increase in non-performing loans (NPL) on aged non-performing debtors and € 38.1 million in provisions related to the COVID-19.

The Englishman Hunkin was Chief Risk Officer at Chetwood Financial from April 2019 and held the same position in his former position at Provident Financial, the Royal Bank of Scotland Williams & Glyn unit and Northern Rock. In 1998, Hunkin was Risk Director for the National Bank of New Zealand, then joined Goldfish Bank and C&G plc, a joint venture where he managed the interests of Lloyd’s TSB. He joined GE Money as Chief Risk Officer in 2006, before moving to Northern Rock in 2008 where he was hired to manage the re-nationalized bank until it returned to private ownership. He went on to become Chief Risk Officer and Director of Tesco Bank in 2011, moving to RBS in 2014 and Provident in November 2017, before moving to Chetwood earlier this year.

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Big Bedbug Home Invasion Season Is Coming Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:18 +0000

Bedbug season is here and it could be bad.

The Penn State Master Gardeners report that entomologist Greg Krawczyk expects “a very robust population of brown marbled bugs this fall.”

And that means there will be a lot of bedbugs invading our homes through whatever cracks and crevices they can find as soon as the temperatures start to drop.

“As in previous seasons, over the past few weeks we have started to observe a high number of adult marble bugs and nymphs congregating in monitoring traps placed in and around commercial orchards,” Krawcyzk reported.

“Traps placed on or under trees at the edge of the woods as well as traps placed in the first row of orchards, which rarely collected bedbugs for most of this season, now collect significantly more nymphs (bedbugs) and adults. “

Jim Fredericks, Chief Entomologist of the National Pest Management Association, agreed: “Warmer than usual spring and summer temperatures can allow stink bug populations to complete more than one population cycle per year, often resulting in more stink bug sightings in and around houses. In areas of Pennsylvania where temperatures were particularly warm from May to August, residents may encounter greater numbers of bedbugs in the fall.

Pennsylvania is one of 11 “red zone” states where serious agricultural and nuisance problems have been reported, according to Rachael Baihn, writer for, a lawn care and pest control service in Pennsylvania and 100 other U.S. markets.

“They’re invading more states across the country and Pennsylvania is a hot spot,” she said. “This tiny insect has cost farmers millions in crop failures. Although they prefer to infest fruit and vegetable plants, they move quickly indoors when cooler weather sets in.

“They also tend to roam in large groups, so if you’ve seen one of these marble bugs inside your home, you’ll definitely find more.”

Fredericks explained: “Brown bugs are found throughout the Commonwealth and can become a serious agricultural pest, especially in apples and stone fruits. There are many different species of stink bugs, but only one – the stink bug. marbled brown, Halyomorpha halys – tends to be an indoor pest of homes and other buildings.

“As the weather cools in September and October, adult marbled bugs seek refuge in cracks and crevices in buildings, crawling behind siding for shelter in wall voids, often on the south sides of the building. Often hundreds (or thousands) can congregate in the same area, looking for a warm place to spend the winter months.

“On warm winter days, some insects will become active and find their way indoors.”

As temperatures start to cool and the days get shorter, now is the time to take preventative measures to protect a home from infestations.

Sealing cracks and crevices can help, and pest control professionals can provide services to help reduce the number of bedbugs that can invade, Fredericks noted.

Baihn said, “The last thing you want to do is pick one up. When disturbed, the insects emit their scent, which contains a pheromone that attracts more stinky insects. Entomologists suggest sucking them in. a vacuum cleaner, this way you do not run over them.

“On the positive side, the brown marbled bug will not bite, sting, or harm people. It may take you a few days or weeks to get the odor out of your home.

Bedbugs did not appear in the United States until the late 1990s in Allentown, Pennsylvania. They are believed to have come in shipping crates from China or Japan. They are most prevalent in the eastern part of America.

An invader from East Asia, the marbled bug was first found in North America in 1998, in Allentown.

It has since spread to all but three of the 48 continental United States and several Canadian provinces.

Contact Marcus Schneck at

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Tompkins Financial Corporation – Consensus Says Potential 4.7% Hike Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:15 +0000

Tompkins Financial Corporation found using ticker (TMP) now have 2 analysts covering the stock. Analyst consensus indicates a rating of “Hold”. The range between the high target price and the low target price is between 75 and 63, with the average target price being 69. Now, with the previous closing price of 65.88, that would indicate that there is some upside potential. by 4.7%. The 50-day moving average is 57.45 and the 200-day moving average is 62.41. The company has a market capitalization of $ 955 million. For more information, visit:

Tompkins Financial Corporation, a community-based financial services company, provides commercial and personal banking services, leasing, trust and investment management, financial planning and wealth management, as well as insurance services. The company operates in three segments: Banking, Insurance and Wealth Management. It accepts a variety of deposit products, including checking accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, IRA products, negotiated term deposits, and municipal money market accounts. The company also offers loans for a variety of business purposes, including real estate finance, construction and equipment finance, accounts receivable finance and commercial leasing; residential real estate loans; home equity loans; commercial and industrial loans; commercial real estate loans; agriculture-related loans; and consumer loans, such as personal installment loans, direct and indirect auto financing, and overdraft lines of credit. In addition, it provides letters of credit and sweep accounts; credit and debit cards; and deposit and cash management, Internet account, remote deposit, secure deposit, voice response, ATM, and mobile and Internet banking. In addition, the company offers investment, trust and estate management, as well as financial and tax planning services; property and casualty, life, disability and long-term care insurance services; employee benefit consultancy services; and insurance planning services. It is primarily aimed at individuals, business executives, small business owners and high net worth individuals. The company operates through a network of 64 bank offices, including 44 offices in New York and 20 offices in Pennsylvania. Tompkins Financial Corporation was founded in 1836 and is headquartered in Ithaca, New York.

You can now share this on Stocktwits, just click on the logo below and add the ticker in the text to be seen.

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Malaysian household debt-to-GDP ratio hits new high at 93.3% Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:13 +0000

KUALA LUMPUR (April 1): Malaysian household debt to gross domestic product (GDP) ratio hit a new high of 93.3% in December 2020 from its previous high of 87.5% in June 2020, according to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

The BNM said this was mainly because the country’s household debt growth had normalized to pre-pandemic levels in the second half of 2020 (2H20), but GDP remained below levels of before Covid-19.

“High household indebtedness can lead to rapid household deleveraging in the aftermath of a crisis, slowing down or derailing the economic recovery,” warned the BNM in its report on financial stability for the second half of 2020 published yesterday.

Nonetheless, he said there was no significant evidence of deleveraging.

And while new disbursements from the banking system to households reached 112% of their corresponding levels during the same period last year, these disbursements were mainly extended to middle and high income borrowers (71%) who can still afford to take more loans, says BNM.

At the same time, measures taken over the years to encourage more responsible borrowing have partly mitigated the negative impact on low-income borrowers, the bank noted. “Loans continued to be supported by sound underwriting standards, with stable overall median debt service ratios for outstanding and newly approved loans of 35% and 43% respectively,” BNM said.

According to the BNM, the growth in household indebtedness in 2H20 was mainly driven by car loans and home loans, which increased by 6.1% and 7.4% respectively compared to the previous year, supported by a strong response to exemption from sales and service taxes for the purchase of cars and various home ownership incentives.

Personal financing saw a higher annual growth of 7.1%, in part due to the suspension of repayments during the period of automatic moratorium on loans, the BNM said.

“Recent shocks have underscored the importance for households to accumulate financial reserves during good times. These reserves allow households to weather periods of economic displacement, thus mitigating the impact on consumption and debt service.

“For the vast majority of borrowing households, the financial cushions remain largely intact. Growth in financial assets continued to outpace debt growth, driven by sustained growth in deposits and a recovery in mutual fund and equity holdings.

“This indicates that overall, households have been further successful in increasing their financial wealth during this period. In line with these trends, in 2H20, household repayments in the banking system reached 93% of the levels seen in the corresponding period of the previous year, indicating that most have resumed repayments, ”BNM said.

BNM, however, said those earning less than RM 3,000 a month remain financially strained, with low financial reserves and significantly higher leverage. Borrowers earning less than RM 5,000 per month also appear to be showing signs of financial stress, as shown by profiles of those applying for repayment assistance.

“These borrowers are likely to face persistent challenges in 2021, given an uneven labor market recovery. However, banks remain resilient against household sector risks, even under assumed higher unemployment and underemployment scenarios affecting more household borrowers, ”he said.

Should this be a cause for concern?

In the short term, economists believe this high level of household debt-to-GDP ratio is manageable and does not pose such a significant risk to the country’s financial stability.

“From a macroeconomic point of view, this should not have a significant impact on financial stability. Overall, the risk of the household sector for the entire banking system remains manageable.

“BNM has taken preventative measures and has the capacity to introduce other macroprudential tools if the financial environment demands it,” said Shakira Teh Sharifuddin, senior economist at the World Bank.

UOB (M) Bhd economist Julia Goh agrees, saying the high ratio is due to lower GDP due to the pandemic. It is also the result of government incentives to stimulate car buying and ownership.

“In a way, this has facilitated the recovery by supporting consumption in a low interest rate environment. Other household financial stability indicators do not suggest higher risks so far given the ratios. Stable financial assets / household debt and high excess savings, ”she said. The edge.

However, Tricia Yeoh, director general of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS), is skeptical of the ability of low-income households to repay their loans and called on the government to reassess its policies to ensure that the economic recovery can be achieved without overburdening households. .

Likewise, the Executive Director of the Center for Socio-Economic Research (SERC), Lee Heng Guie, highlighted the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on different levels of household income. “Obviously, there are segments of the family that are facing financial difficulties right now. My concern is with those who are very well equipped, [who] will eventually go through a process of deleveraging to rebuild their savings. This in turn will reduce consumption and slow down economic growth later, ”he said.

And if such high levels of household debt persist, they can lead to an unhealthy and fragile financial system in the face of future economic disruptions. “In the long run, if there is another downturn and the high level of household debt is not resolved, then there is certainly less room for monetary policy to take effect because households are already in debt. at a high level, ”Shakira said.

Prominent economist Dr Nungsari A Radhi said the underlying problem is economic inequality, which, if left unaddressed, can pose a systemic risk to the entire financial system.

“The cause is inequality, of course we have to worry. On top of that, it’s unstable. Any change in income, especially for low-income households, will put them at risk of defaulting on these. ready, ”he said.

Read more stories from the BNM 2020 Annual Report here.

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Which of these spotted lantern myths do you believe? Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:11 +0000

As the spotted lantern fly and its impacts continue to spread in Pennsylvania, myths and misinformation about the invasive Asian leafhopper have also grown and spread.

Heather Leach, extension associate at Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, heard them all.

“People who are dealing with spotted lanterns are frustrated and worried,” she said. “In their search for answers, they are sometimes ready to believe or to try anything. But it’s never a good idea to take questionable information at face value.

Most insect myths are relatively harmless, but some could cause harm or cause harm.

Here are some of the most common myths.

The spotted lantern needs the tree of the sky to reproduce.

This is not the case, said Kelli Hoover, professor of entomology.

His lab studied the insect’s reproductive cycle and found that Ailanthus altissima, an invasive tree commonly known as the tree of the sky, is the pest’s preferred host, but the spotted lantern can produce offspring without it.

“We raised spotted lanterns from egg to adult, and they reproduced without ever having access to the tree of heaven,” Hoover said.

Development from egg to adult was slightly faster when the spotted lanterns received the tree from the sky, suggesting that it is a good host for them, but they also managed to produce a another generation when they were fed silver maple, willow and river birch.

But, Hoover warned, the Tree of Heaven remains attractive to spotted lanterns and should be removed if affordable and feasible.

Homemade pesticides are safe and effective against the spotted lantern fly.

Homeowners may be tempted to use home remedies that include household items such as dish soap, window cleaner, vinegar, salt, garlic, or cayenne pepper, for spotted lanterns on their homes. properties.

But some ingredients and mixtures could harm humans, pets and plants, said Emelie Swackhamer, a horticultural extension educator in Montgomery County. Homemade insecticides do not include precise instructions for use, may not be effective, and may even be illegal.

She suggests non-chemical control methods such as destroying egg masses, crushing insects with fly swatches, trapping them, and removing the tree from the sky.

For homeowners who choose chemical control, she recommends that they use a registered insecticide, research the pros and cons, and go with the less toxic options first, including organic or natural insecticides.

“People who want to kill spotted lanterns effectively and safely with insecticides should follow the instructions carefully,” she said. “Every situation is different. No single method will work for everyone. And all insecticides pose safety risks, requiring careful use.

Pressure washing destroys spotted fly eggs.

It could physically remove egg masses from surfaces, but there is no evidence that it kills eggs. And high pressure sprays can cause permanent damage to trees and other living plants.

The most effective way to destroy egg masses is to scrape them off with a plastic card or putty knife, then place the masses in a bag or container with rubbing alcohol or disinfectant for them. hands. Throw the bag in the trash. They can also be broken or burnt.

Milkweed is toxic to the spotted lantern fly.

While the cardiac glycosides in milkweed leaves are toxic to most species of birds and mammals, there is no evidence that they are toxic to the spotted lantern fly, according to Leach.

Spotted lanterns are bioluminescent.

Despite the lantern name, it is not a relative of the firefly. Julie Urban, associate research professor in the Department of Entomology at Penn State, said the lantern referred to the insect family Fulgoridae (named after Fulgora, the Roman goddess of lightning), which was selected because the Scientists once believed that the enlarged domes of insects harbored bioluminescent bacteria. . They don’t.

To learn more about the insect, visit the Penn State Extension spotted lantern fly website.

Contact Marcus Schneck at

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SBA Loan Deadline Approaches Due to Drought Wed, 07 Apr 2021 23:17:09 +0000

Small non-farm businesses in 20 counties in Texas and neighboring New Mexico counties have until March 16 to apply for a federal disaster loan from the Small Business Administration for economic harm, according to Tanya N. Garfield, director of the Small Business Administration. SBA Disaster Operations Center in the United States. .

These low-interest loans are to offset economic losses due to declining income caused by drought in subsequent major counties that began on June 30, 2020, according to a press release from the agency.

Major counties in Texas include Armstrong, Baily, Castro, Deaf Smith, Hale, Lamb, Parmer, Randall, and Swisher. Neighboring Texas counties included in eligibility are Briscoe, Carson, Cochran, Crosby, Donley, Floyd, Gray, Hockley, Lubbock, Oldham, and Potter.

Neighboring New Mexico counties included are Curry, Quay, and Roosevelt.

According to Garfield, small non-farm businesses, small farm cooperatives, small businesses engaged in aquaculture, and most private nonprofits of any size can apply for economic disaster loans of up to $ 2. million dollars to help meet the working capital needs caused by the disaster.