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By Emmanuel Pastreich

I want to wish you the best for the holidays and a merry Christmas to all.

The United States was established explicitly as a government without religion for a good cause and we have always had a strong tradition of openness without the terrible struggles that tore Europe apart when religion became the defining factor in all politics. .
There are parts of the Christian tradition, I believe, which have universal value, just as there are many other teachings. I want to quote Matthew 5: 8 today, not as a preacher, but as a president,

Emanuel Pastreich, President of the Asia Institute Washington DC, Seoul, Tokyo, Hanoi, and Secretary General of the Institute for Future Urban Environments.
Emanuel Pastreich, President of the Asia Institute Washington DC, Seoul, Tokyo, Hanoi, and Secretary General of the Institute for Future Urban Environments.

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Happy are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be granted mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Happy are you when men insult you and persecute you and speak all kinds of evil against you falsely because of me.

We certainly see terrible darkness all around us these days, darkness that lingers in the corners of malls and gyms, which at first glance seems so normal and quickly covers itself with something.

We must be able to imagine that a better society is possible and move forward towards that better society, without being discouraged by the setbacks that we may encounter.

In this process, the process by which we create a positive cycle to replace the narcissism and competition that has torn our society apart, we will create a culture of cooperation, empathy and love. In this process, the “peacemakers” will be the most critical.

We need peacemakers in every neighborhood just to engage people in discussions about our common concerns and to create peace in everyday life rooted in truth, grounded in indecency.

Peace does not mean the absence of conflict. Peace is a force in itself of transformation, of harmony, of bringing together our common creative powers to weave a common fabric and find unexpected commonalities through the use of our imagination.

Today, as we celebrate Christmas, the dark forces are calling for war with Russia, China and Iran. These screams can still be heard today, a day that should be calm and peaceful.

The dogs of war bay for gruesome destruction. The corrupt politicians and businessmen who pampered them, threw chunks of raw meat at them over the years, have no idea what will happen when they are let loose.

It is almost without exception admitted that the United States is defending itself against aggression from Russia and China. But everyone in Washington DC knows full well that the massive build-up and rising tensions started here, not there. The fact that China and Russia now also have their own military-industrial complexes is the sad influence of our culture on them.

Arms dealers and their agents have researched international war systematically since the 1870s, and have become increasingly sophisticated in how they plant the seeds of discord, pay academics and journalists to cook up stories. stories of growing tensions and creating conflict where there was none before.

It has been a constant struggle to control these beasts who dress like men and speak with great authority about how ordinary man’s taxes are to be spent to buy guns, and more guns, for more. in addition to future wars.

All that money is going into the swollen belly of the financial beast.

These evil men have used the filthy tool of free trade to force us to become dependent on their war profits. Free trade has been used to shut down all factories, all local production and local agriculture. All the simple and decent businesses that make furniture, tools or clothes for the citizens have been ruthlessly destroyed. This was all done so that we became dependent on imported food and goods and that we had to spend even more money on weapons to defend fragile supply chains around the world.

More devilishly, the only real work left in many places is weapon crafting. The only remaining factories manufacture weapons and missiles. The only sources of local employment are military bases and prisons.

It was no accident! It was a plan to force war addiction on innocent citizens.

No member of Congress can stand up to arms dealers any longer because they fear real jobs will be lost. What they won’t tell you is that they have helped and abetted the destruction of your local economy.

Arms dealers created World War I for profit, and it wasn’t until millions of people needlessly died that people began to understand what they had done. They did the same during World War II, and they planned to create a World War III in the 1950s, but were not completely successful. Instead, they had to settle for a Cold War that kept profits going for the benefit of gunmakers and their friends among the banks.

The government of the United States, subjected to constant privatization and institutional corruption that now matches that of the end of the Roman Empire, is but a shell, a pile of bones. Where a majestic animal once stood, a skeleton remains after the maggots silently devour the muscles.

There is nothing left within the government, the Department of Defense, the CIA or other organizations to stop this murderous race to world war.

At the same time, the stench of the horrific COVID19 fraud cannot be masked by the scent of sickening speeches – When the White House sends Christmas wishes “serious illness and death” to citizens, you know that we hit rocky bottom.

The temptation for the big players on Wall Street is to raise the ante, to start a world war that will bury the evidence of the last two years of criminal forgery.

Washington DC has fallen into the hands of wolves. You can be sure that they will be happy to stir up a world war in order to stop anyone who tries to bring them to justice.

What do we have to do? We need to organize peacemakers and in every city, in every neighborhood, have an honest discussion about how the world is really run, how free trade and global finance mean that all international relations are controlled by a handful. super-rich. We need to have a discussion so that people know how the gunmakers compose the problems, promote the problems and then sell their multibillion dollar weapon systems with the support of experts and retired generals who are paid with millions of dollars.

The fact that this whole process is a fraud, that businessmen and bankers do not necessarily want a world war that could also kill them, does not rule out war.

History is full of examples of those who pretended war until it became war.

Next, we must have concrete and binding international treaties for arms control and disarmament, as we had before. The plans are all there, the expertise can be built up quickly. What we need is the will to rise above the confusion, distraction, fabricated fear and forced idiocy of corporate media.

Arms control means agreements between nations to limit the development and deployment of weapons. It must include conventional weapons, nuclear weapons and emerging weapons such as drones and robots, armed satellites, nanowarfare, energy weapons, biological weapons and a host of new threats that are unknown to most. , some of which remain classified even as the wolves prepare to employ them.

Disarmament means the active reduction of existing weapons. The United States must lead by example and move the world forward. We must destroy our nuclear weapons, the vast majority of our fighter jets and other weapon systems that waste the resources of our citizens. We have to do it with the nations of the world. We who are covered with sin must take the first step.

You could say that such actions are naive and dangerous. You would say precisely what tens of billions of dollars have been spent teaching you through newspapers and TV shows, through overpaid expert reports and commissions. But the truth is, the experts in the Defense Department know that what I’m suggesting is what needs to be done to save our children from perdition. It’s no secret and there are a lot of scientific studies to support my position.

We trust the military more than other branches of government because it is still functional. But it is causing more damage to the environment than most countries in the world combined, and its lethal impact on Earth is increasing. We have to turn it over now, inside and out.

We must begin now in our neighborhood a positive cycle for peace at this most difficult time in human history.

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