Authorities crack down on fraudulent SMS


BANGKOK: Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, Telecommunications Regulator, and Police are now cracking down on illegal gambling and fraudulent lending websites, as well as their SMS invitations sent to general phone users . The parties concerned are now invited to block the sending of these messages or face sanctions if they do not do so.

Deputy government spokeswoman Rachada Dhanadirek said the government is responding to complaints from the public about the dissemination of text messages sent to cellphone users by unknown senders, with links to gambling websites , scam or pornographic, reports the state news agency NNT.

Many cell phone users in Thailand have recently received the text messages without registering or subscribing to any of these services, which has caused a lot of trouble and concerns about data privacy.

Ms Rachada said those who send these messages are considered punishable by law because their action is considered an economic crime.

She said these operations are seen as particularly damaging for low-income people, who are already affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since Thursday (September 23), the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) has urged network providers to block the sending of fraudulent messages.

The commission also set penalties for any licensed telecommunications operator involved in sending these messages, starting with a formal warning, and resulting in fines, license suspension or termination, and legal fees.

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society has opened a center to receive complaints about illegal websites and texts, including online gambling. Members of the public can submit a link to these websites on the DESMonitor page on Facebook or call the 1212 Ministry 24-hour call center.

The information gathered by the center will then be passed on to the police for further investigation, which could result in the closure of these websites.

Royal Thai Police have warned that people involved in online gambling sites, site managers, players, guests, as well as people involved in websites offering illegal loans are considered violators. to the law.

They encourage the general public to report any activity or person related to these websites by calling the Police Cyber ​​Taskforce 1599 hotline.

The deputy government spokesperson said the government is concerned that the general public will fall victim to these scammers, leading to the loss of their money.

She said that people looking to take out loans should contact a legitimate financial institution or check the status of pico-finance and nano-finance loan providers first on

Ms Rachada added that the prime minister ordered relevant agencies to proactively remove illegal websites and reduce cycles of gambling and informal debt.


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