Artificial intelligence designed to prevent abuse of state welfare

As a new registration cycle is about to begin, the finance ministry plans to use artificial intelligence to ensure that welfare cards issued this year are only granted to low-income people. eligible. The ministry plans to implement new technology to reduce fraud and prevent urgent financial aid money from going to those who don’t need it at the expense of those who do.

The new artificial intelligence system will connect the systems of multiple state agencies to perform real-time verification of anyone applying for state welfare. The deputy finance minister said that matching and cross-checking all of these agencies will easily screen applicants who are not eligible for benefits.

State social assistance is intended only for the lowest incomes without significant savings to support them during lean periods. An applicant cannot have more than 100,000 baht in savings and the tiered benefits are based on income below 100,000 baht per year.

Those earning between 30,000 baht and 100,000 baht per year – or a maximum of 8,333 baht per month – are eligible to receive a monthly supplement of 200 baht from the government. The monthly payment is increased to 300 baht for those earning less than 30,000 baht per year – 2,500 baht per month or less. 300 baht is not a lot for a lot of people, but for the lowest earners it is at least 12% of their monthly income.

Artificial intelligence was put in place to try to wipe out the people we don’t fight extreme poverty with and to prevent them from taking advantage of the system designed to help the poorest in Thai society. The Deputy Minister of Finance predicted that between 14 and 15 million people would apply and be eligible for the benefit this year.

Last year, 14.6 million applications were approved in the program, and it is reasonable to expect that many of those who may have been just above the 100,000 baht threshold last year may have suffered more from the Covid-19 pandemic and fell below the qualification level this year.

SOURCE: National Bureau of Information of Thailand

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