A New Achievement of Chinese Automobile Brands in Overseas Market, GWM’s Overseas Sales Hit 1 Million Units

BAODING, China, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About July 3GWM officially announced to the world at the Saudi Arabia TANK brand launch event that the cumulative overseas sales have reached one million units, marking another milestone in the company’s globalization journey. company.

A New Achievement of Chinese Automobile Brands in Overseas Market, GWM’s Overseas Sales Hit 1 Million Units

“This exact vehicle (GWM TANK300) is the millionth exported by the GWM Group, so it is an incredible achievement,” Mr. Gautam ArunProduct Director of GWM in the Middle East region, during the conference.

According to the latest sales data released by GWM, the company sold a total of 518,525 new vehicles in the first half of 2022, of which 62,823 vehicles were sold overseas, or 12%.

In this, South African markets have maintained a leading position in sales. A report released by the National Automobile Manufacturers Association of South Africa (NAAMSA) showing that in the first two months of this year, the 3rd generation HAVAL H6 took 15% market share in the compact SUV segment market.

GWM’s excellent overseas sales achievement is mainly due to three aspects in terms of high quality products, wide range of markets and localized operations.

High-quality products, such as GWM POER, TANK300, HAVAL H6 HEV and ORA GOODCAT, provide buyers around the world with an intelligent, youthful and environmentally friendly driving experience. Then GWM’s three technology brands, including LEMON intelligence, TANK and COFFEE, also provide the core technology for product renewal and upgrading.

Currently, GWM’s products have been exported to many countries, showing the strength of its brand and the charm of China cars all over the world.

GWM has set up its world’s first supercharger station with photovoltaic power generation, energy storage and charging in the Thailand market last year. In addition, the company opened its German subsidiary in Munich and set up the European headquarters to serve as a hub for the development of the continental European market.

In the process of globalization, GWM has boosted hot sales of high quality products through localized manufacturing and marketing strategies.

In January 2022the company officially took over the Iracemápolis factory in Brazil and invested 11.5 billion yuan deepen the network of the local industrial sector. By sponsoring influential events such as triathlons and WSL surfing in the Australian market, GWM is also actively creating localized marketing IP to deeply reach local culture and life to enhance brand and product awareness among consumers. clients.

GWM has adhered to the disposition and strategy of conquering foreign markets for 25 consecutive years and achieved excellent results. The company’s overseas sales reached 142,793 units last year, up 103.7 percent year on year.

Company executives told the overseas distributors online conference that GWM expects to reach global annual sales of 4 million units by 2025 and about 80% of them are new, smarter energy products.



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