Small credit: mini loans up to $1,500

It is not the large sums that we need in between in everyday life to balance accounts or spontaneously fulfill a wish. We also do not always want to commit ourselves to a loan for months or even years – or permanently overdraw our current account. Why then!

Some banks have now also noticed this. Above all, however, it is resourceful online financiers who have recognized this trend on the market and are eagerly advertising for us consumers.

Whether mini-credit, micro-credit, micro-credit, short-term credit – no matter what the marketing strategists call such financing, they always have a motto: bridging a financial bottleneck quickly and easily with a small online loan.


And who gets a mini loan?

credit loans

Anyone who is at least 18 years old, resides in Austria and has a regular net income can usually get a mini loan without any problems. Serious providers generally check the solvency of their customers. In Austria, however, a mini loan is usually given without a credit check – ie without reporting to the KSV or credit record.If you are in arrears with an instant loan with immediate payment, this does not automatically have to affect your credit rating.

Our tip : Even a negative KSV entry is not necessarily a reason for rejecting a short-term small loan. Due to the short term and the small loan amount, the credit rating for mini loans is not as strict as for a classic consumer loan from the bank.


Small loan in between – apply online at lightning speed

Small loan in between - apply online at lightning speed

Immediate money in your account – it’s all very easy: You can apply for a small loan anytime, anywhere – at home on the computer or on vacation using a tablet or smartphone. Select the required loan amount and flexible term and place the desired loan online right away. Finished. It only takes a few moments and the money is in the account after one day at the latest. Some providers even issue so-called SMS loans directly to the specified account by means of an instant promise – however, such services sometimes cost extra.

You can either repay your mini loan in installments or you simply pay the interest for the term you have taken, including the loan amount at the end. Some providers in Austria only require a minimum monthly repayment.

Your online credit is now legitimized using the fast video identification process. All you need is a webcam on your PC or a tablet or smartphone with a front camera.


Note the due date – otherwise it will be expensive

due date

Even if the mini loan is usually only about small sums, you should pay this together with interest on the respective due date on time. If you are in arrears with your short-term loan, statutory default interest and dunning fees are quickly due. And those who do not pay off their small loan permanently must expect additional collection costs. Important: Despite frequent payment breaks at the start of the term, a mini loan is usually not automatically extended.

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