Debit card fraud – how do we protect ourselves?

A fashion that has been around for several years among credit card thieves around the world is not to steal the physical card anymore, but only the owner’s information, and then to use it to get the money out of your account without any problems.

Many people have woken up one day with their accounts emptied or, even worse, with significant debts after being duped by these dangerous individuals. Fortunately, there are several ways you can protect yourself.

Carefully choose the bank to which you open your account

Carefully choose the bank to which you open your account

The related card – when you go to open an account at a bank you must be interested in whether it offers special protection through a password or SMS code on the phone in the case of Internet transactions. This way, even if someone steals your card or data, it won’t be able to pay with it on the internet because it will lack the special code.

Hide the pin code with your hand when you enter it at the ATM or supermarket – often thieves install small video cameras or devices that steal bank customers’ data. When you cover the pin code with your hand it will not be seen by the camera, so the card data will not be used for shopping without it.

SMS Notification Service

SMS Notification Service

Some banks offer a service that notifies their customers of each amount entering or leaving their account. If someone steals your money from your account you will receive on the phone, in real-time, the information that your account has been charged for a sum of money that you do not know any information about. If this happens to you, you have the immediate possibility to notify the bank, and its employees will deal with blocking the transaction and further informing the authorities that a theft has taken place.

Choose complicated passwords for internet banking accounts – most people tend to choose a simple, easy-to-remember password. In the case of personal finance, the password should be very, very complicated and difficult to remember, it should contain lower and upper case letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

This will protect you not only from thieves

This will protect you not only from thieves

Who steals your password because they see you when you enter it into a device in public, but also against those who use different software that identifies citizens’ passwords to access their accounts later.

Check your account regularly through Internet Banking – many times thieves manage to steal money from citizens’ accounts without them realizing it. If you check your money often, you can call the bank for any suspicious activity you see on your account.

Even if the one who was once blown into yogurt, most of the time with regard to personal money, it is best to prevent an unpleasant situation than to try and recover the damage. The ones who are most in charge of overseeing your finances are your own, so you should be very careful when walking with your Internet Banking card or account, especially in public.

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